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We are committed to providing sound education and reasonable options which will result in better health for you, your family, and the planet. This continually expanding web site is a result of that commitment, and is designed to present you with information, resources, and products that will help make a healthy life a reality.

Over 60 Herbal Formulas to address specific health complaints!

Almost 200 Medicinal Herbs Available!

Exodus Herbs, LLC was founded by a Naturopathic Physician and a Doctor of Chiropractic with the intent to make using natural healing methods, including herbal medicine, available and accessible to the general public. The Protocols, Health Guidelines, and Information section of the web site gives you step by step instructions on how to address many common health complaints. Our Protocols show you specifically which natural products, whether herbal, vitamin. mineral, homeopathic, etc that you will need to get yourself back on the road to better health. We have put together our own line of Professional Herbal Formulas to help make this process simple, taking the guess work out of using herbal medicine. With over forty years of combined clinical experience, we have researched and determined which other brand name products are of superior quality to be used along with Exodus Herbs Professional Herbal Formulas. We have made most of the products recommended in our Protocols, Health Guidelines, and Information available to purchase on our site, giving you a One Stop Shopping Experience for Natural Medicine.

The material on this website is for information only; it is not designed to diagnose or prescribe, nor is it intended to replace licensed medical care. For diagnosis or treatment of disease, consult a licensed health care provider.

Our products are intended to be a resource for the educated public and educated health care provider. Please use these products as they are intended; always seek the advice of a licensed, qualified health care provider.

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Caution: If pregnant or nursing, consult a licensed health care provider experienced in herbal medicine before taking any herbal products.

If your condition persists or worsens, please consult your licensed health care practitioner.